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Opened in Fall of 2021, my Torrance studio is an oasis for learning music. Sometimes jokingly, I refer to it as the "Violin Wonderland."

Our building has a large parking lot with easy access and is centrally located to all cities within the South Bay. The waiting room is equipped with a tea and coffee station (please help yourself!), chairs, and music magazines to read while you wait for your lesson to start. My South Bay Strings rental company headquarters is in the studio and allows me easy access to fit violins, replace strings, and try shoulder rests.

I love hosting so many families in my space every week and take great pride in curating a space that is inviting and can foster our creative explorations.


1407 Crenshaw Blvd. Suite 100 Torrance, CA 90501

Our "big room" is bright and open, a perfect place for exploring music together

Consistency with at-home practice is not just encouraged, but expected 

Twice a year we prepare for formal recitals

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