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"Beautiful tone, beautiful heart."

Shinichi Suzuki

I'm trained in the Suzuki method with the foundational understanding that "Every Child Can." This approach encourages that the teacher meet the child exactly where he/she is in effort to best serve the individual child. We work to develop consistent practice goals with an emphasis on attention to detail and personal expression, all done through the vehicle of one-on-one music lessons.


Studies have consistently shown correlation between music lessons and success in academic studies. (One example can be found here.) The skills we learn in music lessons translate to every area of a child’s life. 

I love bringing supplemental repertoire in to lessons and will often teach a song by ear or ask the student to bring in a song that they love. Recent explorations in lessons have included: Hamilton, Moana, Taylor Swift, and many others.


In my teaching, I work to connect the body with the mind. We learn stretching and relaxation techniques from day-one and breathe together in almost every lesson. I consistently incorporate listening into my curriculum and will often send students home with assignments to help them become not only performers of music, but lifelong appreciators and supporters of the arts.

For more information, please refer to my Studio Policies PDF below:

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