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Guitar for Young Children: Pre-Twinkle

Ages 6-8

A semester long introductory class to prepare students for one-on-one private lessons

Spring 2024
Now enrolling



February 1st - May 16 (15 sessions total)

$525 includes all classes and recital fee

Dip your toe into the world of guitar

Learn foundations of technique, basic note reading and rhythm, and ensemble skills in a fun and supportive environment!

Class Highlights include:

  • Focus on Classical guitar & techniques

  • Small class sizes

  • End-of-class recital performance

  • Access to the South Bay Suzuki community and easy transition to private lessons

Group classes take place at our South Bay Suzuki studio located at 1407 Crenshaw Blvd Suite 100, Torrance, CA 90501.

Please note:

  • The class fee can be paid in a one-time payment of $525 or broken into monthly payments of $131.25

  • We have a limited number of instrument rentals - $60/class

  • 10% discount for multiple students enrolled

Required Materials for Pre-Twinkle Guitar class and Suzuki lessons

Appropriately-sized guitar: Children must obtain a classical guitar with nylon strings of an appropriate quality. A good general sizing guideline is that when standing next to the instrument, the guitar should come up to the student’s waist. We recommend starting with a minimum quality of a Yamaha CGS Student Classical Guitar or better. Online and in-person retailers can be found below.

Students without the appropriate instrument may not be able participate in the program. Please reach out to us if you have any questions before purchasing an instrument. 

Note: smaller (aka “fractional”) guitars are generally sized on string length. Assuming an average percentile of height for their age, young kids (4 – 6) will do best with a ~ 44cm string length (1/4 size guitar); 7 – 10ish with a 51-55 string length (1/2 size guitar); ages 9 – 12 a 55 – 58 string length (3/4 size guitar). Often around age 12 or 13 students can manage a full size guitar.

Appropriately-sized portable chair/stool: Parents will have to bring their child’s seat to lessons and group classes. Seats should have no arms, and allow the student’s legs to be at an approximately 90 degree angle (very flat lap) when are flat on the floor. Kids’-size drum stools  are comfortable, break down well and adjustable; however collapsible step stools or even small armless chairs can work well also.

Collapsible Stools

Guitarist’s footstool: This is essential for proper seating position.

Guitar Foot Rest, Height Adjustable Guitar Footstools/Folding Footstool,Pedal (Black)

Recording: students must listen to the recording of the book 1 repertoire very regularly.

MP3 version
CD version
Suzuki Guitar Book 1

Tuner: There are many smartphone apps that work well to tune your child’s guitar. We also recommend the snark tuner that is quite accurate and easy to use.

Questions? Reach out to info@southbaysuzuki or 213-241-9237 text/call





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